Intelligent Solutions

The most difficult budget to predict and maintain control over within your organization is your utility budget. By working with VES and implementing our Intelligent Efficiency Solution (IES) program within your organization you will soon benefit from a customizable solution that will reduce your utility costs in addition to lowering your operational expenditures.

At VES we consistently strive to provide your organizations facilities with costs effective solutions that will reduce your energy and water consumption, decrease existing O&M costs and create a more sustainable environment. However we are well aware that each facility has specific needs and requirements and that there is not a "one size fits all" remedy, which is why we developed our Intelligent Efficiency Solutions (IES) program to add.

If you are a school district, a municipality or a commercial building owner, upgrading your existing lighting to more efficient lighting technology you will drastically cut your costs and increase your energy efficiencies. By working closely with VES and our partners to upgrade your existing lighting systems, your business will quickly recognize energy costs savings while at the same time creating a more sustainable facility.

VES will work with your organization in every step of the process. From the initial survey, to the financial analysis, to the physical installation of the project, VES will be with you through every step ensuring that you are comfortable and completely satisfied.

Your business will not only realize dramatic savings in electricity and maintenance, but will also dramatically reduce its carbon footprint—which is at the forefront of business concerns in today's sustainability-conscious environment.